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Run your business better with IoT solutions from Bell.

All businesses can benefit from faster access to real-time operational data, from more places. Access that enables more insightful and timely decisions, less exposure to negative events, more streamlined processes and faster time to market.

This is where Bell excels. We offer Canada’s best national network1 as our telecom infrastructure, the best selection of global IoT management platforms, the most advanced hardware, support services and more. Bell helps deliver and support the IoT solutions that let your business do more and make more.

Bell is the first to launch LTE-M in Canada.

As a leader in innovation, Bell is committed to providing Canadian businesses with access to the latest in network technologies, now with LTE-M.

As more companies harness the power of IoT to drive smarter decisions, there are increasing demands to transmit data from a variety of sources. LTE-M network technology effectively supports low power IoT applications where data collection requirements are reduced, and it increases accessibility in remote locations.

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Let us partner with you on your IoT journey.


The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the real-time exchange of information and data between ‘physical things’. Working with the right IoT solutions partner is critical to running your business better.

Bell brings world-class IoT solutions to businesses.

More connected to your business

Whether it's the performance of individual machines, energy usage in your buildings, telematics from your vehicles on the road, connections to field staff or monitoring of remote assets, IoT enhances your ability to manage and optimize your business with real-time clarity.

Bell is a world-class IoT provider.

While every IoT solution is different, each is made up of 7 discrete elements.

  • Network
  • The core of IoT, the network ultimately enables the connectivity of devices and the transmission of the critical data they gather.

  • Platforms
  • Allow you to monitor and view the status of IoT devices from a central online portal.

  • Hardware
  • The equipment – modems, sensors, gateways and routers that, along with the network enable “things” or objects to collect and exchange data.

  • Professional services
  • A team of experienced IoT professionals providing services, from initial consulting to onboarding and data reporting.

  • Applications
  • User interfaces that consolidate data received from connected devices, interpreting and translate that key data into actionable insights.

  • Data Centres
  • IoT will generate millions of data points that need to be stored, processed and analyzed. Data centres will provide the scalability, security, availability and connectivity that IoT will demand.

  • Security
  • Provides security and protection of sensitive information and customer data.


By connecting the physical world to the limitless possibilities of the digital and wireless world, IoT is transforming the way we live and work. Your business operations stay connected through sensors in buildings, on the roads, on trucks and across cities.

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Energy management

IoT-connected sensors in heating, air conditioning and other equipment can help monitor system performance and efficiency. While ensuring a comfortable working environment, businesses can reduce energy waste and electricity bills.

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Site security

IoT-connected alarms, door locks, cameras and tracking devices installed in and around buildings, on equipment and on inventory offer a simple way to monitor and maintain security.

Employee safety

By monitoring environmental conditions like air quality, irrigation, temperature, pressure and chemical releases, IoT sensors help protect staff from hazardous conditions.

Employee engagement

Digital signage can help keep employees informed and updated in real-time. In manufacturing, this includes sharing production best practices and any issues faced on the production line.

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Remote asset monitoring & predictive maintenance

By monitoring key plant equipment onsite, or in remote locations, manufacturers can make better use of in-field teams to save time and reduce costs. Predictive maintenance allows for the early detection of potential issues and the proactive scheduling of maintenance to minimize production disruptions.

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Retail environment

IoT solutions, like wireless point-of-sale terminals and digital signage are helping to engage customers and streamline their experience in stores and restaurants.

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Vehicle tracking

Using location-based routing and real-time telematics, fleet managers can monitor the location, status and condition of vehicles on the road and driver performance. Delivery companies use telematics and asset tracking solutions to offer next-day, or even same-day, delivery.

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Streamlined reporting

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) eliminate the need for paper logs and help businesses meet government regulations. For example, transportation companies are using IoT engine sensors and a mobile application on driver’s phones to meet new regulations by electronically logging Hours of Service (HOS).

Driver safety

IoT-enabled cameras in truck cabs alert drivers of a potential collision situation, and can even initiate an automatic response.

Digital signage for construction & road congestion

Highway digital signage alerts commuters to congestion and accidents so they can avoid delays. Digital signage at construction sites can track speed to enhance site safety, update construction progress and optimize vehicle movements.

Cargo tracking & load optimization

Mid-haul, a driver can get an on-route notification to add cargo to a half-full truck to maximize loads and trip efficiencies.

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Asset management

With IoT, businesses can track cargo and equipment, both on and off-site, and ensure the right products are in the right place at the right time. This end-to-end monitoring – from inbound raw materials and parts to outbound shipments of finished products – helps businesses track and trace deliveries in real-time, schedule crews, minimize product shrinkage and reduce yard gate congestion, wasted fuel and lost time.

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Temperature monitoring

Special sensors can ensure that the quality of fragile or perishable cargo is maintained and optimized throughout the journey. They also ensure that stringent food safety regulations are met at all times. For example, food and drug manufacturers monitor shipping containers for environmental changes that could affect product quality and safety.

Remote monitoring

Using wireless sensors, remote monitoring delivers real-time information on the condition and status of fixed, remote or geographically dispersed assets. Businesses can maintain equipment proactively to reduce service interruptions.

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Food production management

Keep food safe every step of the way. Our food production management solution helps you digitize, automate and simplify your operations to ensure regulatory compliance, improve product quality, eliminate paperwork, and shorten audits to let your business focus on its long-term growth.

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Street lights

By changing traffic light patterns to ease congestion during peak times, IoT can streamline traffic flow through cities and decrease commuter travel times.

Public transportation

IoT-enabled mobile apps help riders track public transit vehicles for accurate arrival times. Transit authorities use on-route digital signage and audio alerts to keep riders updated and informed.

Run your city better with smart city solutions from Bell.

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Garbage bins

IoT-enabled sensors can signal when garbage bins need emptying. Instead of spending time emptying half-full bins at regular intervals, waste collectors need only empty bins on demand.

Water conservation

IoT sensors connected to watermains help cities monitor, pinpoint and address leaks before they become breaks. They also help with smarter irrigation, flood management and water quality.

Run your city better with smart city solutions from Bell.

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Public safety

Digital signage, connected closed-circuit television cameras, and fleet management solutions allow first responders to coordinate an effective response to an emergency or disaster.

Run your city better with smart city solutions from Bell.

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City parking

Using cameras and road sensors, IoT-enabled parking systems can track space utilization and availability, and alert drivers to vacant spots via smartphone apps.



With tiny sensors, chips or devices imbedded into real-world objects, like vehicles, buildings, infrastructure and machines, IoT offers numerous and tangible benefits to your business.

  • More Informed

    IoT enables a richer and faster flow of real-time operational data, yielding deeper, more accurate insights about your business so you make better and timelier decisions. For example, with GPS location tracking, you can dynamically schedule and re-route staff and vehicles to increase on-time deliveries.

  • More Productive

    With IoT solutions, you can monitor your assets in real-time, resulting in improved operational efficiencies and standards. For example, food and drug manufacturers monitor shipping containers for changes in temperature that could affect product quality and safety.

  • More Revenue

    With IoT data at your fingertips, you can identify new revenue streams to complement your product offerings. For example, equipment manufacturers can offer new services such as charging for remote monitoring and servicing a customer’s equipment.

  • More Safety

    IoT can help enhance the safety of your employees, especially those working alone in hazardous areas. For example, IoT enabled cameras in truck cabs can alert drivers to hazards ahead, such as a potential collision situation.

  • More Protected

    IoT offers new ways to protect valuable and sensitive inventory, equipment, and plant machinery. For example, IoT-enabled GPS tracking to help find and recover stolen assets.

  • More Focused

    IoT allows businesses to understand and service the needs of customers better than ever before. For example, businesses are using IoT to keep inventory stocked and inform customers when field/delivery staff will arrive.



With our wireline and wireless network technology, Bell has long been a leader in connecting Canadian homes, individuals and businesses. This commitment to leadership and innovation continues with IoT - the next evolution of networked connectivity.

Run your business better. Bell is here to partner with you to design, implement and help manage your IoT solution.

While every IoT solution is different, there are elements that are common to each implementation. Elements that Bell brings together to ensure you can start benefiting from the power of IoT.

Your IoT solution is only as good as the network it's connected to.

Network is at the core of IoT.

IoT is about connecting devices to share data and information. With a large number of devices connected, the right network is absolutely critical. The network ensures coverage, speed and reliability. You get data from where your assets are located, in real-time and whenever you need it.

IoT solutions typically involve machine-to-machine connections without human oversight - unless specific thresholds are reached or breached.

The speed of IoT notifications can have tremendous implications when it comes to insurance costs or even legal liability exposure. To avoid unnecessary expense or liability, trust your critical communications to the fastest network infrastructure provider - Bell.

Here's why the Bell network is the right choice for IoT.

  • Bigger
  • Bell offers access to Canada’s largest wireless network2 for IoT allowing you to collect data and stay connected to your assets in more locations, coast-to-coast.

    Better wireless coverage means you can stay connected to your assets in more places and in remote locations.

  • Stronger
  • A stronger signal lets you access data from more remote locations, including underground.

    • Bell delivers a stronger LTE signal in more places across Canada.
    • Thanks to coverage improvements, Bell also delivers a stronger in-building LTE signal.
  • More Reliable
  • Bell has connected the vast majority of cell towers with fibre, the best network technology, for a more reliable connection.

    • A more reliable network means your data is constantly flowing.
  • Highly Secure
  • Rely on us for your network security, just like banks, government and others with the most stringent security needs do.

    With more than 300 accredited security professionals, including cyber threat analysts, data scientists and threat management consultants, we have the experience to help you with the most complex security threats.

  • Built for the future
  • Our next generation network uses the most advanced technology, so your business will be connected to the latest technologies available.

    At Bell, we continuously look for ways to innovate and improve the way businesses operate by investing in new network technology. Bell is the first Canadian carrier to deploy an IoT solution on the LTE-M network.

    LTE-M, otherwise known as “Long Term Evolution, Category M1”, is a low-power IoT network that offers a unique combination of enhanced coverage and longer battery life with carrier-grade security, on a new generation of devices and for select applications.

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Bell offers the best selection of global IoT management platforms in Canada to meet your business needs.

The right IoT platform is key.

With hundreds or thousands of deployed connected devices spread across multiple locations, it can be difficult to monitor and manage each device. An IoT platform allows you to monitor and view the status of your entire suite of IoT devices from a central online portal.

You can set-up automatic processes, receive alerts, fix technical issues promptly and analyze data usage and trends to reduce operational costs.

Here's why Bell is better for IoT platforms.

  • Selection
  • With our Jasper and Ericsson partnership, Bell offers the best selection of global IoT management platforms.

  • Choice
  • We are the only carrier in Canada to offer a choice of IoT platforms.

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  • Get started with IoT
  • Bell’s IoT Starter Kit program offers an end-to-end developer solution.

    • The kit includes LTE-enabled hardware, connectivity management and application development tools.
    • It lets you test out your IoT concept and gain a working proof of concept.

    Your 90-day trial includes access to the Jasper platform and 3 active SIM cards.

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Our hardware certification protocols include more than 3,000 additional tests to ensure device optimization.

The IoT enablers

The equipment - modems, sensors, gateways and routers – that, along with the network, enable “things” to collect and exchange data.

With Bell, know your hardware works seamlessly on the network.

  • Certification Program
  • Bell’s Hardware Certification Program for IoT Devices

    Bell puts your IoT devices through rigorous evaluation, testing and certifications to ensure:

    • Your IoT devices work reliably and seamlessly on the Bell network
    • A better user experience
    • Device optimization
  • Benefits
  • Benefits to you include:

    • Better quality of technical support – our end-to-end solution is Bell certified and proven.
    • Faster time to market - hardware ships directly from manufacturer/distributor to the customer, reducing wait time before an install.
    • Certified hardware is purchased directly from Bell giving you a single point of contact and one bill.
    • Certified devices means IoT solutions are less error prone reducing calls into client care.

Our team of IoT experts is ready to help you find the right solutions.

With you every step of the way.

Bell offers all the necessary services, from initial consulting to onboarding and data reporting working with you as your business transforms.

A dedicated team of professionals.

  • Knowledgeable Consultants
  • Bell IoT specialists will work closely with you to select, design, deploy and support the right IoT solution for your business.

    • You get up and running more quickly, so you can realize the benefits of your IoT investments faster.
  • Largest team
  • With more than 3,000 professionals certified by Canada’s top technology partners, we will work with you to design, build and implement your wireless network solution.

The real value of IoT comes from insights uncovered by analyzing the data and the decisions you make to run your business better.

Leveraging your IoT data.

Applications are the key to leveraging all of the data you receive from connected devices. Why? Because they interpret the data and turn it into actionable insights.

Applications for your needs

  • Topnotch providers
  • Bell makes it simpler by partnering with the right mix of solution providers.

    • Whatever your unique IoT needs are, we have you covered.
  • Unique application program
  • Bell’s Application Enablement Program (AEP) lets you use existing applications our partners have, or Bell can work with you to create custom applications.

IoT generates millions of data points that must be stored, processed and analyzed.

Your IoT data hub.

Data centres are where we centralize the storing, processing and analyzing of your critical IoT data. They are designed to provide the scalability, security, availability and connectivity that IoT demands.

Bell IoT data centres set the standard.

  • Exceptional reliability
  • Our experts will help you design, integrate and manage your hosting solution, supported by 24/7 monitoring and management.

  • Country-wide availability
  • Together, Bell and Q9 have the largest data centre footprint in Canada – 27 locations coast to coast – so you can be assured there will be a data centre to suit your organization's needs.

    • All of our data centres are located in Canada and are 100% Canadian owned and operated.
  • Highest capacity
  • Bell and Q9 has Canada’s highest data centre capacity that can scale to meet almost any need.

    • With more than 39 megawatts of critical customer load available, it's Canada’s highest data centre capacity to grow your business.

As huge numbers of IoT devices get connected to the Internet, security is a critical concern.

Managing risk will bring its rewards.

The potential benefits of IoT are too compelling to be overshadowed by security concerns that can be overcome. International Data Corp. believes that businesses need to manage risk, not avoid it, by proactively addressing security and privacy concerns and by adopting security best practices to safeguard against threats.

Bell is an industry leader in network security

  • Know the risks
  • Bell brings a unique set of end-to-end security capabilities to help businesses understand the security risk involved in adopting IoT.

  • Peace of mind
  • Bell ensures sensitive information and customer data is protected and secured by utilizing its highly secure private infrastructure so that no matter where you transmit data, that data remains secure.

  • Certified security
  • Depend on our certified professionals to better protect your business. We have more than 300 experienced and accredited security professionals with advanced security certifications including CIPPIC, CISA, CISM, CISSP and OSSTM.


Bell offers a full suite of innovative IoT solutions designed to address your specific business requirements.

  • Smart Cities

    Deliver cost-savings, more efficient operations and better asset utilization, all while improving the quality of life for citizens.

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  • Construction

    Efficiently manage remote workers, monitor multiple job sites and reduce operating expenses.

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  • Transportation

    Optimize fleet, logistics and supply chain operations to maximize overall efficiency and on-time deliveries.

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  • Manufacturing

    Improve supply chain efficiencies, shorten time-to-market and meet customer demands to stay on top of competition.

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  • Retail

    Boost sales, keep staff informed, and deliver a superior customer experience.

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  • Hospitality

    Improve communication between staff, optimize productivity and deliver world-class customer experiences.

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  • Professional Services

    Increase productivity and deliver exceptional customer service by staying connected.

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Partner Program

Bell Enterprise Partner Program

  • Launch and expand your IoT solutions business with Bell

    Whether you are launching a new IoT solution or looking to increase sales from your established products, Bell offers a range of professional services to provide our partners with the support and tools they need to deliver IoT solutions to the market quickly and easily. As a partner, you can access Canada’s best national network1, world class IoT expertise and support, and a range of applications and solutions that allow you to deliver more value to your clients.

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